For Carriers: Simplifying Your Cross-Border Freight Operations

Nuvocargo for carriers

Carriers and truck drivers are the heart of US-Mexico cross-border freight. They endure long hours on the road, often far from their families, and trucking companies face the daunting task of managing their assets and maximizing the utilization of their fleets. At Nuvocargo, we deeply value our carriers and their drivers, so we build tools and software to make their lives easier. NuvoOS, our proprietary workflow software designed to simplify US/MX cross-border freight, helps our carriers save time, money, and run their businesses more efficiently. 

43% faster approval processes for on-time payments

We leverage AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically validate invoice data—shipment number, amount, currency, subsidiary— and quickly approve or reject them with a clear reason. By integrating with the centralized financial workflows of NuvoOS, your invoices can be approved in under 30 hours from load delivery.

Accelerated cash flow with QuickPay

Get paid faster with Nuvocargo’s QuickPay for carriers. Instead of having to wait the standard 30-day period, receive payments in just 48 hours. This swift process transforms invoices into cash quickly, boosting your cash flow and operational liquidity. This gives you a competitive advantage and enables you to grow your business.

Auto-generated LOIs to minimize touchpoints and reduce friction

Forget about the constant exchange of PDFs, phone calls, and messages. Nuvocargo’s Letter of Instructions (LOI), auto-generated by NuvoOS, ensures you’re fully equipped with all the necessary information to get your loads to destination seamlessly. It includes precise location details with GPS coordinates, complete contact information, and all specific requirements from each shipper—right from the start. By consolidating all operational data and requirements into a single, accessible location that automatically updates with any changes, we prevent the back-and-forth typically associated with cross-border shipments.

Stay ahead with up-to-date operational information

Nuvocargo ensures you are consistently informed with accurate and timely communications, giving you the necessary margin for action. By automating 10 types of communication workflows and establishing clear contact protocols, you know exactly what actions are required and can prepare to tackle them, whether it’s a change in load details, an approval for your payment or additional requirements. This approach significantly reduces errors, miscommunications, and time wasted on unnecessary clarifications.

Maximize your fleet’s efficiency with smart load matching

NuvoOS enables Nuvocargo to boost your fleet’s efficiency by leveraging an advanced pricing engine with smart load matching. Loads are tailored to your unique preferences and capabilities, helping you haul more effectively while aligning with your business goals. 

At Nuvocargo we’re redefining the US/MX cross-border freight experience to prioritize simplicity, reliability, and transparency. By continuously improving our technology and processes, we aim to streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best…driving your business forward. If you own assets and are excited to haul US/Mexico cross-border freight, please reach out to Nuvocargo - we'd love the chance to help you grow your business.

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