Simplifying US-Mexico cross-border trade: How Nuvocargo delivers on its promise

Simpler US-MX operations

For companies trading across the US-Mexico border, a regular day might look like a complicated "relay race" of information and physical movements among 10 to 15 different parties. With over 9 million truckloads crossing annually, shippers face a labyrinth of miscommunication, delays, and costly disruptions in their supply chains. This complexity is further exacerbated by the varied incentives, business models, and technologies used by different stakeholders, not to mention the challenges of dealing with two languages, currencies, and sets of legal and compliance standards.

With the rise of nearshoring bringing increased volume and attention to this vital trade lane, the need for a more streamlined solution becomes critical.

Powered by proprietary technology

To address these costly inefficiencies, Nuvocargo has built the new evolution of our Transportation Management System (TMS) powering our end-to-end operations, NuvoOS.  Designed specifically for the unique challenges of US-MX trade, this system is a first of its kind, allowing Nuvocargo to bring our shippers a level of simplicity, efficiency, and control that traditional TMS solutions cannot match.

What does NuvoOS enable for shippers working with Nuvocargo?

1. Centralized Vendor Management

Nuvocargo centralizes all the necessary USA <> MX vendors for a transaction. This integration gives you better control and true accountability over the entire process, from the Mexico leg and border services to the US leg, streamlining communication and reducing your administrative burden. NuvoOS allows for flexible shipment management to seamlessly handle multiple legs and lanes as well as freight, customs, warehousing, and insurance in one place. 

2. Visibility & Control Through Data

NuvoOS enables unparalleled real-time visibility and control over your freight, especially in Mexico and at the border, where alternatives fall short. Optimizing handoffs for efficiencies like faster border crossing times and reliable door-to-door transit times, the system captures accurate, timely, and actionable data, giving you more control and the ability to optimize your supply chain. This efficiency is achieved through real-time load instructions, dynamic estimates, live data usage, among other specialized capabilities.

3. Proactive Communication & Exception Management

Leveraging NuvoOS, our teams ensure proactive issue resolution for your shipments, bringing solutions even before you become aware of the need. This focus significantly reduces the time spent chasing down carriers and brokers for information, ensuring smooth operations and fewer surprises.

4. Expertise & Focus in the US/MX OTR Cross-Border Freight Market

Nuvocargo’s sole focus on the US/MX OTR cross-border freight market means specialized knowledge, a fully bilingual team on the ground in both countries and at the border, and a network of vetted and specialized carriers specifically for this trade lane. This expertise translates into a higher standard of compliance and service, mitigating issues common in this complex trade area. For instance, Nuvocargo excels in ensuring compliance with constantly changing regulations in the USA and Mexico. NuvoOS’s operational and billing functionalities automatically adapt to the jurisdiction of the load, offering traceability and security while moving your goods.

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5. Operational Excellence

NuvoOS enables Nuvocargo to hold the highest standards for operational excellence in the US/MX OTR market. This excellence is reflected in the reliability of transit times, low incident rates, and compliance with mutually agreed upon service SLAs. Nuvocargo provides your team with comprehensive performance reports specifically tailored for US-MX shipments, allowing for better analytics and decision-making, helping you reduce costs, delays, and disruptions.

6. Reliable capacity

Nuvocargo's reliable carrier network, consisting of over 250 CTPAT certified carriers, guarantees compliance with the highest service standards, ensuring that your shipments meet the legal and safety requirements of both countries. This extensive network is purpose-built for USA/Mexico OTR operations, supporting a variety of shipping needs including direct, transload, northbound (NB), and southbound (SB) shipments. This robust infrastructure not only translates into consistent support but also gives you peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

At Nuvocargo we believe that the best customer experience for USA/MX cross-border freight is the simplest one, and we keep building the technology and processes to deliver on this promise for our customers and partners.

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