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Modernize cross-border trade with Nuvocargo

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Why we move
We believe that software coupled with exceptional service in logistics can unlock incredible potential for both people and companies, and we are ready to make it happen, starting with the biggest trade lane in the world: Mexico ↔ USA.

Core Values


Start with the customer

We work every day to earn our customers’ business and trust. No matter what team you are on, make sure your work is adding value to our customers and building deeper customer relationships. Listen to our customers, understand their needs and pain points, and focus on what matters to them. Deliver products & services that our customers love and that address real problems for them.


Velocity over everything

Velocity = speed + direction. Speed matters. Speed compounds. Getting back to someone today is better than tomorrow. Shipping a simple solution today is better than a perfect one in a week. We push ourselves to make decisions faster. Challenge yourself and your peers to ensure we are all moving together in the same direction, as one team. Be a force for driving velocity, every single day. Amp it up.


Raise the bar

We do our best work every day and seek to be constantly improving. Quality and excellence are important in everything we do. Hold yourself and others to the highest standards. Keep raising your bar and for those around you.


Embrace the adventure together

We achieve big things by working together as one unified team. We embrace the highs & lows we will face in pursuit of our mission together. Be adaptable to the constant changes that are normal in a startup. Strive to be a teammate that everyone would want by their side when faced with difficult obstacles and problems. Strive to face adversity with a sense of optimism, determination, and a good attitude.


Do more with less

We are relentlessly resourceful. We creatively capitalize on the resources and data at hand to drive impact for our customers and for our business. We reward small teams that drive significant impact and ROI in an outsized way. We believe this not only makes for a healthier business, but also it creates more room for Nuvos to grow and drive even more efficiencies for our customers.


Push back, then forward

We consistently give each other specific and actionable feedback, delivered with speed, empathy, and kindness. We are not afraid to push back or challenge ideas. However, we must always keep moving forward as a team. Once we align on a course of action, we respect decisions and embrace them. Disagree & commit.


Act like an owner

We are all owners & shareholders of Nuvocargo. We represent the company in our actions in front of customers, teammates, and the communities we operate in. Make decisions like an owner, with the highest integrity.

Leading the transformation of a trillion dollar industry

Our team has decades of experience building top technology products and logistics businesses on both sides of the border, giving us a unique cultural appreciation and empathy for all stakeholders in every cross-border shipment. We are leading the historic shift to more simple, efficient and innovative logistics.

Meet our team

Deepak Chhugani picture
Deepak Chhugani
Founder & CEO
Luis Eduardo Torres picture
Luis Eduardo Torres
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Nick Simmons picture
Nick Simmons
VP of Research and Development
Chloe Wang picture
Chloe Wang
Head of Data
Lauren Burdick picture
Lauren Burdick
VP of Operations
Claudio González picture
Claudio González
VP of Growth & Business Development
Josefina Blanco picture
Josefina Blanco
Head of Legal & Compliance
Luis García picture
Luis García
VP of Marketplace
Jay Gerard picture
Jay Gerard
Head of Customs
Danny Gordon picture
Danny Gordon
Head of Sales & Account Management
+ A fully bilingual & multicultural team of 150+ experts working to simplify cross-border trade from our New York and Mexico City offices.
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+ 30 angel investors, founders, and board members at companies worth over $100 billion
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