New Regulations in Mexico Shake Up The Supply Chain Industry

The Miscellaneous Tax Resolution 2021 emitted by Mexican Taxing Authorities imposes new requirements for Shippers, Carriers, & Brokers.

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Company updates

Nuvocargo and Endeavor
Nuvocargo joins Endeavor: the community for high-impact entrepreneurs

Exciting news: we are honored to announce that Nuvocargo has joined the world's largest community of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Logistics insights

Driver Shortage
Driver Shortage: Solvable condition or new reality?

The driver shortage is likely to increase dramatically unless industry-wide measures are swiftly taken.

Logistics insights

Trucks transporting cargo on highway
5 Tips to Ensure Success in US-Mexico Cross-Border Freight

Here are the five things we recommend that you always keep in mind to ensure successful cross-border shipments.

Company updates

truck on the road
Nuvocargo Launches Simpler, More Transparent Billing

Nuvocargo announces the launch of its newest feature, a billing dashboard for a simpler and more transparent statement of accounts.

Company updates

Nuvocargo new angel investors
Welcoming new angel investors to Nuvocargo

Nuvocargo is proud to highlight the newest group of angel investors added to its Series A round.

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The Rise of the Latin American Tech Startup

In the past decade, Latin America has gained incredible momentum in this field, led by the tech-native generation behind unicorns.