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Nuvocargo Launches Simpler, More Transparent Billing

Nuvocargo announces the launch of its newest feature, a billing dashboard for a simpler and more transparent statement of accounts.

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Logistics insights

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5 Tips to Ensure Success in US-Mexico Cross-Border Freight

Here are the five things we recommend that you always keep in mind to ensure successful cross-border shipments.

Logistics insights

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What Rising Diesel Prices and Driver Shortage Mean for U.S./Mexico Cross-Border Trade

Expect that trade relationships will continue to prosper between the United States and Mexico.

Logistics insights

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How Covid Brought Digitalization to Mexican Logistics

Many experts argue that the coronavirus pandemic catapulted the traditional logistics industry into the fourth industrial revolution.

Logistics insights

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International Roadcheck 2021: What to Expect

This year's International Roadcheck is taking place on May 4-6, which means shippers and carriers alike should start planning ahead.

Company updates

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Nuvocargo Enhances Platform With New Tracking and Visibility Features for Shippers

New updates include real-time reporting notifications and enhanced visibility to monitor shipments on both sides of the border.

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Trends impacting transportation and logistics: What to expect in 2021?

Here are some of the main observations for 2021 that will be critical to manufacturers, shippers and customers moving into the new year.