Why is shipping FTL better for business versus LTL

Whether it’s FTL or LTL, selecting the right method will come down to several factors. Learn why FTL may be the best choice for business.

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Logistics insights

Investing To Keep The World Moving: An Overview Of Startup Funding In Logistics

Learn about the great increase in startup funding in logistics in the last few years and the focus on road freight marketplaces.

Logistics insights

10 Truck Driver Safety Tips

There are many implications for the safe delivery of a shipment, one of the most important pertains to safety. Here are 10 tips to keep safe

Logistics insights

Inside Look: Truck driver shortage and how to retain them

The truck driver shortage has increased in recent years, and it is mostly due to the resignation of drivers.

Logistics insights

How To Choose The Right Customs Broker For Your Business

One of the most important factors to consider to speed every operation and ensure compliance is the selection of the right customs broker.

Logistics insights

Diesel prices
8 Tips On How To Save Diesel

The fuel market is too volatile, which is affecting final rates and generating friction, especially for carriers throughout the operation

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Nuvocargo team
Letter from the CEO: Announcing Nuvocargo's $20.5M round and the launch of QuickPay

Nuvocargo shares two exciting announcements: $20.5M of additional funding raised and the launch of its first financial product, QuickPay.