CCP Challenges

What are the real challenges behind the Bill of Lading Supplement?

There have been considerable challenges around the organization of information and document exchange that we would like to share.

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Logistics insights

New Tax Regulations and Why Digitalization Is No Longer Optional

Stakeholders along the entire supply chain invest in technology to keep up with more demanding expectations.

Company updates

Year In Review 2021
Nuvocargo's 2021 Year In Review

2021 was a big year for Nuvocargo. We had great advances in our goals and mission to modernize the US/MEX trade.

Company updates

Nuvocargo team
Letter from the CEO: Announcing Nuvocargo's $20.5M round and the launch of QuickPay

Nuvocargo shares two exciting announcements: $20.5M of additional funding raised and the launch of its first financial product, QuickPay.

Logistics insights

Nuvocargo freight forward
Podcast: Nuvocargo on Complemento Carta Porte and the New Normal in Mexico

Nuvocargo sat down with Mary O’Connell from Freightwaves to talk about the new paperwork requirements to move cargo in Mexico.

Company updates

QuickPay for carriers
Nuvocargo Launches QuickPay: The First Financial Product For Carriers

Nuvocargo announces Quickpay, a discount over invoices that allows carriers to receive their payment in less than 48 hours.

Logistics insights

Trucks transporting cargo on highway
5 Tips to Ensure Success in US-Mexico Cross-Border Freight

Here are the five things we recommend that you always keep in mind to ensure successful cross-border shipments.