Specialized US/MX Carrier Network for Reliable Capacity

Specialized US/MX Carrier Network for a Reliable Capacity

Reliable capacity with unmatched standards

Nuvocargo's promise of reliable US/MX OTR trucking capacity rests on three pillars. First, a powerful and specialized carrier network on both sides of the border that meets top standards on compliance and is second-to-none for US-MX cross border. Second, a deep understanding of your business from the first discovery call through RFPs/bids and implementation, ensuring we match your needs to the correct carrier. And third, the technology underpinning our offering – Nuvo OS – which allows us to efficiently vet, onboard, pay, and match carriers to their preferred loads, such that working with Nuvocargo is seamless and powers their business, in turn bringing you the best carriers in the industry. The result: consistency for your supply chain, fewer security risks, delays, and disruptions, and lower US/MX freight costs for your business. Let’s dig in…

Beyond just capacity, a network built for operational excellence

The power of Nuvocargo's specialized carrier network

Nuvocargo's extensive carrier network of over +250 rigorously vetted carriers equipped with more than +20,000 trucks, spanning across more than 750 lanes in over +300 cities, providing Nuvocargo with a wide array of specialized options to service our customers. The strategic layout of our network, particularly its expansive coverage around key border areas, ensures seamless pickups and deliveries across Mexico and the United States. By focusing on core lanes and specific geographies, Nuvocargo benefits from density in movements that not only enhances operational efficiency but also enables us to secure competitive rates for our customers.

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Compliance — C-TPAT certified and vetted carriers:

Nuvocargo prioritizes partnerships with C-TPAT certified carriers as part of our commitment to security, compliance, and efficiency. We align with FMCSA and CBP guidelines to further ensure that our carriers comply with all regulatory requirements and adhere to security best practices in the jurisdiction where they haul shipments. This comprehensive vetting process not only adheres to the strictest standards of compliance but also translates into significant benefits. C-TPAT shippers that work with C-TPAT suppliers across their supply chain are 6X less likely to undergo security-related cargo examinations and 4X less likely to be subject to a trade related examination than non-C-TPAT members. These advantages lead to substantial time savings for our clients and the knowledge that their supply chain is in the best hands.

Smart carrier optimization

Leveraging NuvoOS, Nuvocargo benefits shippers by seamlessly integrating smart load matching with an advanced pricing engine, ensuring that each load is not only tailored to their specific needs and operational requirements but also priced competitively. This strategy reduces empty miles by filling deadhead loads and addresses the 3:1 northbound to southbound imbalance. Supported by a detailed scorecard system to meticulously assess vetted carriers, Nuvocargo is able to optimize their performance and the cost-effectiveness of their services. This approach ensures that shippers are not only working with top carriers, but the best ones specific to their business needs.

At Nuvocargo, simplifying US/MX cross-border freight is central to our mission. Our commitment goes beyond providing reliable capacity, it's about being a dependable partner, capable of meeting your immediate needs while also scaling with your business over time, leading to a predictable and secure supply chain. With Nuvocargo, it's more than just loading and transporting goods—it's about driving your business forward.

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