Shining a Light on the "Black Box" at the US-MX Border

Unparalleled shipping visibility

The US/MX border is known as the most complex, yet critical part of any cross-border shipment. It is plagued by complicated processes, changing regulations and multiple stakeholders involved, leading to unexpected delays and additional costs. This lack of clarity, control and information about the status of your freight, essentially leaves you in the dark about what's happening at the border.


Smarter decisions through Data-Driven Insights

Our internal system is designed to go beyond tracking your loads. We capture and present accurate, actionable operational and financial data that empowers you through every shipment.

This comprehensive data-backed approach enables a deeper understanding of your supply chain, facilitating strategic decision making, and allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

Centralized Visibility for Faster Border Crossings

With Nuvocargo's in-house customs service, we are able to partner with you in streamlining your cross-border operations, through end-to-end visibility and accountability. This centralized approach leads to:

We not only ensure predictable and compliant shipping, but also help drastically reduce the administrative load of dealing with multiple vendors.

Concerned about visibility in your cross-border shipments?

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Core Expertise & Specialized Team Support:

Our deep understanding of US/MX cross-border operations is augmented by our specialized technology and a dedicated team on the ground in Mexico, the US, and at the border.

Granular Real-Time Visibility:

NuvoOS enables unparalleled shipping visibility that doesn’t break at the border. Our system offers 24/7 tracking and detailed monitoring across every leg —Mexico, the US, and the border. Gain insights at 6+ crucial border events: arrival, pickup on each side, customs clearance in both countries, and additional inspections.

With Nuvocargo's unmatched visibility, you remain fully informed at every step, especially at the border.  We ensure that you're never left guessing, transforming the once opaque 'black box' into a transparent and manageable part of your supply chain.

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