Nuvocargo is proud to announce our very own Anaid Chacon, Head of Product at Nuvocargo, as a winner in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Women in Supply Chain award.

Each innovation determines a before and after. Although the supply chain continued to move even during the pandemic, the traditional processes made the transition slower. However, in these difficult times, there are leaders who deserve our recognition for being at the forefront of innovation to keep the economy moving. In this industry, few women carry out these changes, but among the few is Anaid Chacon.

For her accomplishments, mentorship, and for setting an example for women at all levels of a company’s supply chain network, Anaid has been named a winner in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Women in Supply Chain award. If you would like to watch a great video interview about Anaid speaking about why trade is an important part of the supply chain and why it's more than just moving boxes, click here.

What is the Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Women in Supply Chain award?

It’s a recognition of exceptional executives “whose accomplishments leverage supply chains for competitive advantage.” 

“These women are just absolutely amazing in so many ways. They’ve re-tooled, re-innovated and revamped how the world sees the supply chain and logistics industry. They’ve paved the way for future female supply chain leaders to become a part of an industry that matters. Because women in the supply chain matter. And, some of these women are young, which means, they’re just getting started,” says Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. To see the full list of winners, click here.

For Anaid, winning this award “is a great honor and is really humbling” because she’s aware of the complexities of the industry. “Winning this award is a testament to the hard work the team did over the past year,” she added. 

About Anaid

"Anaid is one of the most remarkable leaders that I have worked with, she is quite brilliant. She empowers people with objectivity, showing your blind spots through empathy and kindness.- Rafael Sánchez, Software Engineering Manager at Nuvocargo

Anaid grew up near the US/Mexico border, studied electronic engineering at ITESM in Mexico, and went on to be a software engineer at AutoZone. After receiving her Master’s in Information Technology Management from Harvard, she became an early employee at Dropbox, working as a Lead Product Manager and helped the company scale from fewer than 200 to thousands of employees.

Anaid has an impressive track record working in retail, SaaS, product technology, and supply chain and is currently leading the product vision for Nuvocargo’s cross-border logistics platform. In this role, she oversees the product, marketing, design, and data analytics teams to ensure the success of the company’s logistics platform, which is a key part of their customer’s supply chain strategy. Internally, her leadership is highly recognized. 

“Working in Anaid’s team has been one of the highlights of my career. She is a true innovator in her field and is bringing her vast technology and product experience to the supply chain ecosystem, as a critical part of Nuvocargo’s mission to simplify trade across the Americas. Her leadership has been inspiring and instrumental in igniting my curiosity and passion for the industry and our users’ experience.” - Shantal Erlich, Content and Marketing Lead at Nuvocargo

Modernizing the global supply chain

There are many important challenges affecting customers and their supply chains, for example, shipping delays, compliance issues, customs, cash flow, and language barriers. One of the many lessons of 2020 and 2021 was the importance of supply chains and logistics. Mexico in particular is constrained by outdated regulations and processes. The key to solving these issues is the modernization of the shipping and logistics industry by creating a space for more digitization and giving shippers and carriers the most efficient tech tools they need, which are critical. COVID-19 forced the traditional and analog logistics industry to adopt technology as its primary way of doing business. 

Anaid is leading Nuvocargo’s global product development to help kickstart this historic shift. She is responsible for overseeing the evolution of the Nuvocargo platform and launching new offerings to the customer base. She maintains ongoing conversations with customers to get their feedback. She wants to hear from them directly and also give customers the peace of mind that Nuvocargo is here to help them update their workflows and simplify tasks in their supply chain. For example, a new billing feature was added to the Nuvocargo platform based on the customer feedback she and her team gathered. This is one of many ways she applies her unique approach and style to solving problems. She is committed to making the process simple and delightful for all of her customers.

Boosting Nuvocargo’s growth

Anaid spearheaded many key initiatives at Nuvocargo, such as enhancements to the company’s trade platform with new tracking and visibility features for shippers available in English and Spanish. These new updates provide shippers with enhanced visibility and the ability to track and monitor their cargo shipments, all in one place, on both sides of the border, thus eliminating a huge pain point for shippers. 

As a result of Anaid and the entire EPDM (Engineering, Product, Design, and Marketing) team’s efforts, technology has been efficiently used to contribute to Nuvocargo’s success rate on-time pickup and deliveries. Also, the event’s notifications provide precise information to the shipper to help them prepare their shipments in advance. Since adding the new features, visits from customers to the shipping details dashboard on the Nuvocargo platform have increased 87 percent compared to the beginning of January, which signals higher engagement and that customers are responding positively. 

Lessons working in the industry

Be data-driven. Anaid has found that going beyond collecting statistics and monitoring teams and using qualitative data, like feedback from customers, partners, and internal teams, makes the whole difference. 

Think about internal teams, not just customers. She also considers giving tools to internal teams crucial. “The service you are able to provide is really connected to the tools, systems, and processes your teams have to deal with situations. It’s super important that as you’re thinking of improving customer service, you think of your people.”

Communicate and be transparent. “Communicating internally and externally about what is possible and what is not, how you can work together through challenges, and how you can improve upon each other’s learning is really critical. Keeping that line open is where you find new opportunities and where you are truly investing in helping each other be successful. This is true for all stakeholders.”

In an industry with much work ahead, leaders like Anaid Chacon are pushing for change and transforming the way in which things are done. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished, Anaid!

If you want to read more about this award, click here.