Many shippers that go into the supply chain game wonder why anybody works with brokers or providers. Why would you, when you can go straight to the source by building your own fleet or working directly with a carrier? Especially today, when the digitalization of the supply chain is creating a huge shift in the industry. Let us explain why a digital broker is the way to go:

1. Greater capacity

In a time when the supply chain crisis and COVID-19 are really creating a backlog of shipments, the best strategy to deal with slower response times and delays is securing greater capacity. Working with digital brokers offers a wider range of drivers, warehousing, and equipment that allow for a better and faster placement of your shipment, so it can reach its destination.

2. Risk management

Ever heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Following the same line of the benefits of having greater capacity, it’s necessary to keep in mind that when it comes to supply chains, anything can happen. From smaller to bigger transportation lines, countless factors can get in the way when trying to move products from point A to point B: no money to operate, no equipment, no drivers, the list goes on. Having a larger network of carriers, through a digital  broker, allows greater risk mitigation.

3. Time and operational efficiency

Having the support of a shipping partner not only gives you more options, it saves you time from having to look for other suppliers or chase after them for updates on shipment events. By having a platform where all services are centralized, in addition to a digitalized carrier-shipper matching, time and operations are optimized. Our digital processes have shown us that customers can save up to 6 hours a week by eliminating the regular hassle of follow-up emails and searching among emails for invoices.

4. Technology makes everything better

When brokers use technology to up their game and offer you even greater advantages, like time saving, visibility, and ongoing solutions to new challenges that arise in the industry (like new tax regulations), your supply chain processes become way more efficient without you having to do the extra work. Nuvo’s online customer onboarding processes have saved customers 60% more time in document collection.

5. No cash flow, no problem

Lack of cash flow to cover your logistics needs can create friction and blocks that keep cargo from moving. Some digital brokers offer credits, flexible payment terms and take care of paying carriers when needed so that your operations can keep running.

6. Keeping you informed

With new regulations or legal constraints changing all the time, most recently related to vaccination proof requirements in the US and “Complemento Carta Porte” in Mexico, plus any geographic, security, infrastructure, or logistic mishaps or hazards, it may be hard to keep up and be on top of everything that is happening. Digital brokers keep their eyes open for you so that they can keep you informed, generate solutions before you even have to worry and keep you moving. All in all, they are your partner!

7. Excellent communication and customer service

Most shippers taking care of logistics care about having a very constant and transparent communication about their cargo with their shipping partner. What matters to them is feeling the support and service that will find solutions for their specific needs. This includes the ability to monitor shipments, adapt needs according to the preferred communication channel, invoicing process, among others. By getting updates and ETA’s on their shipment in a more automated manner, shippers increasingly trust their provider.  

If you’re looking for more logistic solutions and services that can be centralized in one place, analyze if these benefits accommodate your needs and find the digital broker that is right for you. At Nuvocargo, we act as an extension of our customers’ team, so they can outsource to us all the complexities associated with their US/Mexico cross-border supply chain. If you would like to move with Nuvo, contact us at or request a demo.

Happy shipping!