Nuvocargo Enhances Platform With New Tracking and Visibility Features for Shippers

Nuvocargo interface for mobile devices

Nuvocargo has updated its platform with new tracking features available in English and Spanish that provide shippers with enhanced visibility and the ability to track and monitor their cargo shipments all in one place.

Traditionally, shippers lose the ability to track their items in transit the minute those items leave on a truck and they must rely on updates from transportation companies, which are often sporadic and out of date. Available via desktop or mobile device, Nuvocargo’s bilingual platform eliminates those issues by providing real-time end-to-end tracking on shipments between US/Mexico. Nuvocargo tripled the number of tracking points available for customers to monitor their cross-border shipment in real-time including: arrived at origin, loading, waiting for paperwork, picked up from origin, arrived at border, crossed border, arrived at destination, unloading and lastly delivered to destination. Nuvocargo’s on-time pickup and deliveries have a success rate of more than 95 percent and the events notifications provide precise information to the shipper to help them prepare their shipments in advance. Also, since adding the new features, visits from customers to the shipping details dashboard on the Nuvocargo platform have increased 87 percent compared to the beginning of January, which signals higher engagement and that customers are responding positively.

 Alfredo Rodriguez, Vice President of Logistics at Nuvocargo customer Land & Sea, a Mexico City-based importer of meat products for a holding company that owns several restaurant chains across the country, has been using the new tracking features. Rodriguez said, “The availability and speed that Nuvocargo facilitates helps us to promptly make more informed decisions about our shipments on both sides of the border. We transport delicate perishable food, so being able to track our cargo gives us the opportunity to prepare everything in advance. For perishable products, the riskiest moment is getting clearance from MX customs. Having the peace of mind that we can track our cargo every step of the way is extremely valuable.”

“Shipping cargo across the border requires working with experts with dominance in technical and operational fields and Nuvocargo's bilingual team delivers that unique service to our customers,” said Deepak Chhugani, Founder and CEO of Nuvocargo. “These new tracking notifications give our customers access to more visibility knowing exactly the moment their shipments arrived and crossed the border, eliminating a huge pain point for shippers. We acknowledge the importance of the logistics ecosystem and continue to advance our platform with new updates that serve carriers and shippers.”

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