Nuvocargo Launches Simpler, More Transparent Billing

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Nuvocargo announces the launch of its newest feature, a billing dashboard for a simpler and more transparent statement of accounts. The new feature, designed with Finance and Accounting teams in mind, aims to provide a centralized source of truth that allows shippers to manage all aspects of their cross-border shipments from a single platform.

Anaid Chacon, Head of Product at Nuvocargo, explains the reasoning behind the development, "We identified that we could help our customers beyond active load tracking; and saw that a lot of them had back and forths with our finance teams and their internal accounting teams. Centralizing billing and making the statement of accounts available on demand allows our customers to pay on their own schedule, have shared visibility of their loads and charges in one place. This saves them and our internal teams time and effort."

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As a way to simplify processes and ease user pains, Nuvocargo is encouraging cross-functional visibility to minimize friction and empower all team members to do their best work. Logistics can be a big piece of the "expenses pie" for organizations, thus highlighting the importance of better access to innovative and specialized tools. Chacon further states, "We see this as Nuvo delivering on our promise of being an extension of their team and helping them not only with the load management piece, but along their whole logistics journey."

The new feature allows customers to:

  • Access their company's transactions and get a copy of their invoices at any moment
  • Explore outstanding and paid invoices
  • Get payment information, including due dates and bank details
  • Check overdue balance information
  • Keep an eye on upcoming payments
  • Download billing data as a CSV file

The new feature, already available to all users of the Nuvocargo platform, will help teams better understand spending and reduce their workload.

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