Enhanced accuracy with Dynamic ETAs

Dynamic ETAs

Redefining accuracy in Transit Times

We're excited to introduce our new advanced Dynamic ETAs (estimated time of arrival) feature, a significant improvement beyond traditional static ETA models. Standard industry methods rely on static and manual data, often leading to inaccuracies and miscalculations in ETAs as well as the need for constant back and forths. In contrast,our Dynamic ETAs leverage real-time, granular data from NuvoOS to accurately predict and automate transit time estimations, dynamically adjusting ETA predictions as shipment conditions change, ensuring precision and timeliness in our updates.

Turning Real-Time Data into ETAs you can actually trust

Our advanced algorithm leverages real-time data inputs of precise coordinates to calculate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) accurately. It considers crucial factors such as distance, speed limits, legally-mandated rest periods, and the particularities of the location, ensuring realistic and achievable transit times.

Dynamic Updates to keep your supply chain moving

The dynamic nature of our ETAs begins when the shipment is picked up from origin, triggering the initial calculations. As the shipment progresses, updates to ETAs are automatically triggered by significant transit events to reflect the most current data:

  • Picked Up from Origin
  • Picked Up from MX Border
  • Picked Up from US Border

Additionally, the dynamic ETAs are refined whenever coordinates are introduced into the system during check calls. This enhancement ensures even greater accuracy as the shipment progresses, continuously updating the ETAs to provide the most precise information available and saving your team endless check in calls as we proactively push the latest information to you.

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Take control of your cross-border operations

Our dynamic ETAs reflect real-time conditions, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information to manage your shipments effectively. This capability enables you to maintain your commitments to customers and adapt swiftly if plans change. We understand that logistics can be unpredictable, so our system is designed to inform you quickly when any issue arises, allowing for prompt and focused action when needed.

These adjustments are directly triggered by specific events that could influence your shipment's transit time, empowering our team to effectively manage both expected and unexpected changes.

Reduce surprises with enhanced real-time status accuracy

  • Incidents and Stops: Our system recalculates ETAs when disruptions occur, like traffic jams or mandatory stops. Once resolved, we update the ETAs based on new timeline expectations to keep you promptly informed and minimize schedule disruptions.
  • Check Calls: Using data from our routine check calls, we continuously refine ETAs. This ensures the delivery predictions you receive reflect the latest conditions, whether your shipment is on track or experiencing any delays.

Proactive exception management for shipment success with status-based prioritization

Dynamic ETAs empower our operational team to actively monitor and manage your shipment's status—whether it's on time, at risk or delayed. We quickly resolve any issue and only escalate them when necessary. If your input is needed, we'll notify you immediately to determine the next steps together, ensuring your shipment stays on track.

Bottom line

With Dynamic ETAs, we transform how clients and internal teams manage logistics, enabling them to prioritize and respond effectively. Our Dynamic ETAs ensure that every shipment is tracked with the most current and precise information, offering our clients the clarity and reliability necessary to optimize their operations and secure their supply chains.

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