What is the Document of Operation for Customs Clearance (DODA)?

As part of the customs clearance process, and with the purpose of integrating one or several customs declarations into a single document, the Second Resolution of Modifications to the General Rules for Foreign Trade of 2016, determined that it may be carried out through the format called Document of Operation for Customs Clearance (Documento de Operación para Despacho Aduanero or DODA-QR). This document is generated with the information from the paid customs declarations or the consolidated notice, as applicable, and is used to activate the Automated Selection Mechanism (MSA). All 49 customs offices in the country are authorized to file the DODA, so its presentation is mandatory.

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What is the Manifest in cross-border?
In cross-border, the manifest is a document required at customs that contains a detailed list of all cargo entering the country of import.
What is the Notice of Crossing?
A notice of crossing consists of an electronic document linked to the customs documentation that will be presented when clearing the goods.
What is the Project of Customs Technology Integration (PITA)?
PITA is an integral initiative that aims to automate, facilitate and streamline the entry and exit of goods at Mexican customs.
What is the difference between US & Mexico in terms of customs brokerage?
The US & Mexico have a different approach as it relates to customs. Learn more about it here.
What does a customs broker do?
Customs brokers contribute to clearing shipments with customs.
How long does it usually take to cross the border for cargo trucks?
The border process for cargo trucks takes time, and how much, will vary based on demand.

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