QuickPay: Solving carrier cash flow challenges

Trucking Cash Flow Solution - QuickPay by Nuvocargo

In the trucking industry, delayed payments from shippers and brokers often strain operations, leaving carriers waiting for payment 30, 60 or more days while often having to chase unpaid invoices. This issue impacts carriers’ ability to cover key expenses, given the industry's high asset costs and slim margins. Managing daily expenses such as fuel, fleet maintenance, repairs, driver salaries, and toll costs is a challenge. This is especially true in recent years due to the significant surge in operational costs since 2022, as highlighted by the American Transportation Research Institute's 2023 analysis. With fuel costs up by 53.7%, truck and trailer lease payments increasing by 18.6%, and wages rising by 15.5%, many carriers find themselves in a difficult financial position, striving to keep their trucks moving while navigating these growing expenses. Such challenges not only affect day-to-day operations but also limit growth, pushing some towards costly financial situations. This, in turn, highlights the essential role of straightforward and effective cash flow solutions in maintaining operational continuity and financial stability.

Instant payment solutions for carriers: Streamlining invoice processing

At Nuvocargo, we are deeply aware of the financial obstacles you face, and tackling them is key to the trust-based relationship we have with our carriers. QuickPay, designed to streamline the bill-to-pay process, offers a fast and cost-effective solution. With this offering, we make payments 30x faster than the standard 60-day waiting period, ensuring payments are processed in under 48 hours, while charging only a 3% fee (VAT included for Mexican carriers) available in USD and MXN, a figure that stands well below potential rates of up to 7% from other providers. With 90% of our carriers having already enabled QuickPay, the benefits speak for themselves:  

Benefits of Choosing QuickPay for Faster Payments

How to get paid faster with Nuvocargo's QuickPay

  • If not already onboarded with Nuvocargo, get in touch with our Carrier Sales team here.
  • After delivering a freight service, you'll receive an email to upload POD and Freight Invoice through NuvoOS, our proprietary TMS.
  • Access the upload portal via the provided link.
  • Choose QuickPay for 48-hour payment processing.
  • Submit your documents and monitor their approval status.
  • Once approved, your payment is swiftly processed within 48 hours.

This streamlined approach with QuickPay ensures hassle-free payments for all your loads.

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QuickPay directly addresses your cash flow needs by processing payments within 48 hours charging only a 3% fee, providing a practical solution to the trucking industry's common payment delays. This rapid payment system enables you to swiftly cover operational costs, reducing the need for external financing and allowing you to focus on what you do best: moving goods efficiently. With QuickPay, you gain more than just speed, you gain the stability and confidence to plan and grow your operations.

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