Changes in Mexico’s logistics regulations are coming and adaptation is inevitable. The Mexican Taxing Authority (SAT) estimates that 60% of cargo shipped in the country could be contributing to contraband and smuggling, and is taking certain measures that will imply more time and coordination from Shippers, Carriers, and Intermediaries. The Miscellaneous Tax Resolution for 2021 sets forth new requirements that will be enforced as of January 1st, 2022, and failure to comply could result in fines, penalties, operational delays, and the embargo of shipments.

Josie Blanco, Legal & Compliance Lead at Nuvocargo and Anaid Chacon, Head of Product, sat down with Mary O’Connell from Freightwaves to talk about how the new regulations from tax authorities will impact the logistics industry in Mexico moving forward. Nuvocargo is rolling out solutions to simplify this process for shippers and carriers and help them turn this transition into a competitive advantage.

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