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Centralize your vendors with Nuvocargo

The Complexity of US-MX Cross-Border

US-MX cross border logistics shouldn’t feel like a daunting task, distracting you from what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business. Yet, for many companies, it’s fraught with pain and uncertainty. The heart of the problem? Identifying, coordinating, and holding accountable all of the 10-15 different stakeholders involved in cross-border shipments, who all need to work together perfectly for your shipments to move smoothly. This chaotic jumble of communication, crucial and complex documentation, multiple parties, and goods moving hundreds or thousands of miles across two countries and an opaque border, all create huge room for error, turning the entire process into a hotspot for inefficiencies. For shippers, this means facing delays that can disrupt delivery schedules and increase costs – a scenario that's all too common but entirely avoidable with the right approach.

The Core Challenge: An uncoordinated, analog frontier

Uncoordinated Efforts

With 10 to 15 different parties involved in each shipment—including US and Mexican carriers, warehouse facilities providers, transfer carriers, customs brokers, insurance providers, among others—the stage is set for miscommunication and delays. With so many different players involved, each with their own processes and priorities, it's easy for things to get out of sync, slowing down the whole process.

Outdated Technology

Despite the availability of digital solutions, the cross-border freight process is still predominantly dependent on outdated communication methods. The widespread use of phone calls, WhatsApp groups, spreadsheets, and email for information exchange is not only inefficient but also prone to errors. This method of communication often lacks real-time updates, making it challenging to keep all parties involved in sync.

Documentation Challenges

Handling US-MX freight involves complex paperwork, beyond a Bill of Lading (BOL) and Proof of Delivery (POD); this includes, complemento carta porte, DODA, and commercial invoices. Any inaccuracies in these documents can lead to substantial delays, which under the status quo are projected by 2050 to cost Mexico US$11.2 billion and the United States US$16.8 billion in economic impact.

Cultural and Legal Differences

This complexity is further compounded by the need to reconcile cultural and legal differences. Operating across the US and Mexico means dealing with two different languages, two legal frameworks, different security measures, compliance standards, and currencies. These disparities add another dimension of complexity, posing challenges for shippers to achieve mutual understanding.

Simplifying Cross-Border Freight: A Unified Solution with technology at its core

Nuvocargo simplifies cross-border logistics by centralizing all necessary USA<->MX vendors into a single service – including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and insurance – providing enhanced control and accountability across every step of the process. This reduces your points of contact from 10+ to a single one, and ensures a reliable end-to-end solution for all your cross-border logistics needs.

A single point of accountability for all your cross-border shipments

Real time tracking that doesn’t break down at the border

Move your freight efficiently across North America with Nuvocargo. We provide superior door-to-door services for imports and exports in both directions, featuring 24/7 real-time tracking and monitoring across all legs. Our advanced tracking offers insights into 6+ crucial border events: arrival, pickup on each side, customs clearance in both countries, and additional inspections.

Compounding time and cost savings

By cutting down on administrative burden and simplifying processes, we help you cut costs and save time. How? First, when Nuvocargo integrates freight and customs, we not only offer a more competitive rate, but also improve document processing time by 66% and drive down border crossing times by 33%. Across the industry, 90% of freight is either underinsured or not insured at all, creating unexpected costs. By integrating insurance into your Nuvocargo service, you are covered at all times on both sides of the border against damage, theft and loss while in transit. This also leaves you without the hassle of handling any claims processes with the servicing motor carrier, giving back more time to your teams.

Data for decision making enabled by purpose built software

Nuvocargo's advanced Transportation Management System (TMS), NuvoOS, brings all your operational and financial data into a single place, giving you visibility into every aspect of your cross-border supply chain, from border times, to facility efficiency, and the specifics behind any delays. With such detailed insights, our Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) become strategic sessions that drive informed decision-making and improved efficiency for your business.

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Centralized Vendors
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