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New trade regulations in Mexico | What Carriers and Shippers need to know

Mexican Tax Authorities passed new regulations expected to shake-up all businesses moving cargo within and in and out of Mexico, starting on December 2021.

It is critical for shippers and carriers to comply with new documentation requirements to continue their operations in Mexico. Join our expert panel to get answers to all your questions and tips on how to successfully prepare for this transition and avoid penalties.


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Overview and impact for carriers and shippers

What is changing and why? When will the changes be enforced? How will this impact current processes? What do carriers and shippers need to know?

Expert advice on how to prepare

An expert panel will answer all your questions and give you actionable advice on the best way to prepare for this important transition.

Overview of Nuvocargo's solution

Nuvocargo is committed to the success of its partners. Learn more about what we are doing to ensure a smooth transition for all our stakeholders.


Carlos Sesma Jr.

Partner, Sesma, Sesma & McNeese

Lawyer from "Escuela Libre de Derecho," with a Master's degree in Business Administration for Experienced Executives from the "Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas" and specialization studies in American Business Law from the University of Michigan. His professional experience focuses on the design, implementation and monitoring of legal strategies for international transport and logistics companies that do business in Mexico and Latin America. He’s a member of various organizations such as: American Chamber of Commerce Mexico, Transportation Lawyers Association, Canadian Transportation Lawyers Association and the Conference of Freight Counsel.

Josefina Blanco

Legal & Compliance Lead, Nuvocargo

Josefina graduated with a law degree from the University of San Andres in Buenos Aires and has a Masters of Law (LL.M.) from Columbia University in New York. She has ten years of experience in first tier law firms in Mexico and abroad, including Galicia Abogados, Mayer Brown LLP in New York, and Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal in Buenos Aires, where her practice has focused on cross-border financings, banking regulation, and M&A transactions.

Enforcement of the new regulation, aimed to reduce contraband, is likely to impact capacity even further on the Mexico side of the border.

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