What information is required to fill the Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte)?

The Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte), has several fields to fill out, but the most important and general aspects of the merchandise are the following:

Required information

  • Sender RFC/ Complete company name 
  • Receiving RFC/ Complete company name 
  • Merchandise data (description, unit measure, number of packages, weight, code, SAT code, tariff item, etc.)

Optional data 

  • Hazardous material code (if applicable)
  • Packaging 
  • Description Packaging
  • Merchandise value
  • STCC key
  • Dimensions (if applicable on importation)
  • Unit
  • UUID C.Ext

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When does the Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte) come into force?
Failure to comply could result in fines, penalties, operational delays, and the embargo of shipments starting January 1st, 2023.‍
What happens if I do not issue the Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte)?
Could cause penalties, close the carrier’s facility, or merchandise could be seized.
Which authorities have federal jurisdiction to check the Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte)?
The National Guard, Mexico's Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation (SICT), sanitary authorities, and the SAT.
What is the Bill of Lading Supplement (Complemento Carta Porte) and what is it for?
Is an electronic format to carry out and cover the transfer of goods and/or merchandise within Mexican territory for cargo transport.

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