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Inside Look: Truck driver shortage and how to retain them

The truck driver shortage has increased in recent years, and it is mostly due to the resignation of drivers.

Logistics insights

How To Choose The Right Customs Broker For Your Business

One of the most important factors to consider to speed every operation and ensure compliance is the selection of the right customs broker.

Logistics insights

Diesel prices

8 Tips On How To Save Diesel

The fuel market is very volatile, which is affecting final rates and generating friction, especially for carrier operations.

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International Roadcheck 2022: What You Need To Know

The supply chain industry is getting ready to face 2022’s International Roadcheck on May 17th-19th, a commercial motor vehicle inspection.

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Women in supply chain

Inside Look: The Role of Women in the Trucking Industry

In recent years, women have made their way into the Trucking Industry, which has been known for being predominantly male-dominated.

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COVID: The Relentless Challenge For Truck Drivers In 2022

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, the U.S. and Canada implemented new regulatory measures on vaccination and entry of foreign drivers.

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Digital Broker

7 Reasons Why To Choose A Digital Broker For Your Supply Chain

Many shippers that go into the supply chain game wonder why anybody works with brokers or providers, learn why!

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CCP Challenges

What Are The Real Challenges Behind The Bill of Lading Supplement?

There have been considerable challenges around the organization of information and document exchange that we would like to share.

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New Tax Regulations and Why Digitalization Is No Longer Optional

Stakeholders along the entire supply chain invest in technology to keep up with more demanding expectations.