Certificate of Origin Template

When it comes to cross-border logistics, paperwork is a crucial part of the process. Below you can find a downloadable template in different formats to make your life easier and avoid unnecessary headaches.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A certificate of origin is a legal document that identifies in which country a good was manufactured. This document also serves to determine the proper duty rates and the admissibility of goods in some countries.

Why is a Certificate of Origin Important?

Here are several key reasons why this document is crucial:

  • To verify that goods meet the requirements for preferential tariffs or trade agreements
  • Ensures for all parties involved that the origin of the goods is accurately represented
  • Prevents mislabeling or fraudulent claims regarding the origin of goods

Certificate of Origin Template

This template is for you and your team to ensure you have all the documentation needed in one place. Download the format that suits you best by clicking on the links below:

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