Packing List Template

When it comes to cross-border logistics, paperwork is a crucial part of the process. Below you can find a downloadable template in different formats to make your life easier and avoid unnecessary headaches.

What is a Packing List?

A packing list is a detailed document that describes the contents of a shipment such as packaging and labeling information, weight and dimensions, shipping and handling instructions.

Some information listed on the Commercial Invoice must match what it is manifested in the packing list.

Why is a Packing List Important?

Here are several key reasons why this document is crucial:

  • Provides an itemized inventory of what's inside each package or container
  • Customs authorities rely on the packing list to verify the accuracy of the declared contents against the goods being imported or exported
  • Simplifies the process of identifying and locating specific items within a shipment

Packing List Template

This template is for you and your team to ensure you have all the documentation needed in one place. Download the format that suits you best by clicking on the links below:

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