Nuvocargo & Vilher: Leveraging technology for full shipment visibility 

Case Overview

Aside from capacity constraints affecting supply chains worldwide, one of the biggest pain points in logistics is having full visibility over shipments. Vilher, a Mexican company that offers end-to-end solutions to the food, animal nutrition and industrial sectors, discovered that by using the Nuvocargo platform they could not only cover capacity, but also have full visibility of their cross-border shipments. Keep reading to find out more... 

10.5 hours

Time saved weekly

97+ loads

in 9 months

125,572 miles 

Distance traveled so far

The Challenge

Company background

Founded in 1990 and made up of a headcount of approximately 50 employees, Vilher is a mexican company that offers end-to-end solutions to the food, animal nutrition and industrial sectors through a vast product portfolio in the farm product raw materials wholesale trade industry. 

Pain points

Aside from capacity constraints affecting supply chains worldwide, one of the biggest pain points in logistics is having full visibility over shipments. According to a report by Alloy Technologies Inc, 92% of executives agree supply chain visibility is important to success, but only 27% have figured out a way to achieve it. For logistics or purchasing coordinators that have to find capacity and keep an eye on shipments coming in from different places and potentially via multi modal transportation, day to day operations can get fuzzy and easily overwhelming. All this entails placing shipments and having a thorough organizational system, with documents that require constant updating in order to know what is happening and when, and making sure every step of the process is achieved in a timely manner. For Vilher, having visibility of their shipments implied constant follow-up and communications with suppliers that took time and effort out of each work day. 

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The Solution

How it began

Nuvocargo contacted Vilher and learned about their need to cover certain routes, particularly from Melrose, MA to Laredo in order to transport food raw material. When looking for partners, Vilher emphasizes trustworthiness, speed, and honesty. Nuvocargo’s core values not only matched their needs, but also offered capacity Vilher was struggling to find elsewhere, paired with on-time deliveries, good rates, and full visibility via the Nuvocargo Platform. The technology was a significant factor which added value and increased Vilher’s interest, since they saw great potential in having all their load information centralized and a shared workspace for the different purchasing coordinators working within Vilher. Since their products are imported, logistics plays a very important role in delivering their product and value proposition to their customers. In September 2021, Nuvocargo and Vilher began moving cargo together. 

“The business relationship with Vilher has been growing considerably in the last couple of months, with more shipments and new routes. Working with them has been a very positive experience. They’re flexible and there’s very good communication. I’m happy to see them growing with Nuvocargo.”
- Pedro Juarez, Customer Success Representative at Nuvocargo 

How it’s going

From Melrose, MA, St. John’s, MI, and Dalhart, TX, to Laredo, and from Laredo to Mexico, each load carries a volume of 20,000 kg in a fumigated 53” dry van. In over nine months, Nuvocargo has successfully moved over 97 shipments and provided capacity and on-time deliveries for Vilher to help them deliver their value proposition to their customers. Vilher has been pleased with Nuvocargo’s response times, unit availability, good rates, and excellent customer service before, during and after a shipment. But, most importantly, Vilher’s team has been able to leverage Nuvocargo’s technology to save over 10 hours a week (3.5 hours per team member) on shipment tracking. This includes whether the cargo has been picked up, is on its way, and if the right documents are linked to the shipment. They have also found practicality and efficiency in searching and downloading invoices directly from the platform instead of looking through emails. Through a platform that allows them to track their shipments in one place, the Vilher team has not only saved time and effort gathering information in a given day, but has allowed them to become more efficient in their operations. 

"Nuvocargo has had quick response times, unit availability, and good rates. The Nuvocargo Platform is a very innovative app that allows us to save time in our day to day operations when following up with shipments."

Monica Sarabia
Purchasing Manager at Vilher

The Result


Nuvo has been responding to Vilher’s shipment requests with capacity, excellent customized service, competitive rates, and great communication. And, having more centralized and automated status updates on shipments, has greatly simplified Vilher’s purchasing and logistics processes. 

Number of loads: 97+ in 9 months
Distance traveled so far: 125,572 miles
Time saved: 10.5 hours weekly 

What’s next for Vilher and Nuvocargo

Vilher’s collective effort to coordinate suppliers, strategic and business partners, has allowed them to build a continuously solid structure and foundation that offers a significant competitive advantage to their customers. Now, with Nuvocargo, Vilher is working on expanding its routes and number of shipments, and solidifying the business relationship. 

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