What Product Success Looks Like! Anaid Chacon Is A Finalist In Product 50

In a highly competitive world, product innovation is not to be taken for granted. Every recognition around it is to be cherished and celebrated. Today, we're excited to share that our Head of Product, Anaid Chacon, is a finalist in Product 50’s category of Best Digital-Native Product Leader this year! Product 50 honors the most innovative people in product. These are the product leaders developing ground-breaking digital products, transforming industries into product-led organizations, or advising the most successful teams on the modern way to build products. The category of Best Digital-Native Product Leader acknowledges leaders that work for a tech-native company and contribute to its product’s success. Check out Product 50’s winners and finalists here.


What’s her role?

As Head of Product, Anaid leads the product vision for Nuvocargo’s cross-border logistics platform. She spearheads Nuvocargo’s product vision, leading the development of the company’s proprietary software solutions. In this role, she oversees the product, marketing, design, and data analytics teams to ensure the success of the company’s logistics platform, which is a key part of the customer’s supply chain strategy. If you want to know more about Anaid’s background and how she contributes to the product’s success, click here.


What is digital product management and what does it entail?

Digital product management is the process of delivering value to customers through digital products by understanding stakeholder needs and collaborating with the development team in every stage of the product life cycle, from research to design, to development and measurement. The goal of a product management organization is to create a competitive advantage for the business through the product they develop.

“Product Managers play a key role in the organization and lie at the intersection of technology, business and design to lead a particular product line,” says Oscar Oliva, Product Manager at Nuvocargo. “PMs typically start their journey with the company vision and work backwards, using customer input to create the vision of the product and the strategy that will help them achieve that in the long-term. From then, product managers define the best way to turn that strategy into small, actionable releases that will deliver incremental value to the users.” Day to day the job of the product manager is about having conversations with stakeholders to understand their problems or pain points, prioritizing and sequencing the opportunities the team should pursue, collaborating with design and development to brainstorm and find the right solution to the problems the users have and communicating with the rest of the company the implications of what the team is working on. A product manager is the best enabler for the team, making sure the team has all the tools to deliver value to the customer and acts as the voice of the market to provide direction on what the team should pursue and when. 

What are the most important challenges around digital product management?

When it comes to digital product management, there are three main challenges that PM’s need to be on the lookout for: creating alignment on goals, giving visibility on how you are approaching solutions, and measuring success and iterating based on results. “Digital product management is based on formulating hypotheses on the problems users have and finding the best way to solve them. Research is necessary to create something that people use. This begins by knowing and understanding your user, and solving the user’s pain points by generating solutions. If the user is not using the product, you need to understand why. The most important thing is creating new solutions and learning continuously,” says Anaid Chacon, Head of Product at Nuvocargo. 


What’s the vision for Nuvocargo’s product in 2022?

Our mission is to build the first operating system for trade in the Americas via an International Commerce Platform that brings together a marketplace for shippers and carriers, digital tools, and additional services.

  • A cross-border freight marketplace which entails freight match and cross-border services (trans-load/direct, drayage).
  • Digital tools and workflow offerings (through the Nuvocargo platform) include live tracking, document management, international payments, and reporting.
  • Additional services which involve insurance, customs brokerage, trade finance for exporters, and pay advance (QuickPay).

This allows our customers to save and streamline, build their reputation, stay compliant, and efficiently run their business! We want to be partners for shippers and carriers to let them focus on growing their business, while we take care of their international commerce needs. 

At Nuvocargo, we’re very data driven and are on the journey of gathering and using data to create better and better solutions for our customers. If you’re interested in joining the adventure and modernizing a $2T dollar industry, check out open roles at www.nuvocargo.com/jobs.

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