Reduce your customs clearance time by up to 34% with new advanced automations.

Advanced Automations for US-MX Freight with 34% Faster Clearance

Clearing customs at the US-MX border is one of the most critical, yet complex aspects of cross-border trade. With over 7 million cargo trucks crossing the border in 2023 alone, existing processes are falling short: they're often manual, analog, and prone to errors that disrupt entire operations. At Nuvocargo, we are redefining this with advanced automations that streamline document preparation and processing. We now automate the workflow of information sharing and document reception for 100% of border crossing documents, enabling our customers to cross faster, with fewer disruptions, human errors, and related complications.

This is how Nuvocargo’s four new border crossing automations work:

1. Seamless Carrier Data Automation

Instant and Error-Free Document Generation- Automatically receive essential carrier data, crucial for creating border crossing documents. This automation eliminates the lengthy manual process of handling data—downloading, copying and pasting information, reviewing, approving and uploading—which previously could take up to 2h a week and was prone to errors. With instant updates to load transfer details, you can generate documents as soon as the load is booked, reducing delays and ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

2. Instant Automated Document Uploads

Accurate Document Management for 34% faster border clearance time- Upon receiving crossing documents such as DODA and Entry via email, our automation system accurately identifies and uploads them to NuvoOS. This eliminates the risk of human error by removing the need for manual downloads and uploads. Our team can then focus on validating the documents, while the system automatically calculates expiration dates. These automations have reduced incidents related to document errors and custom clearance by 9.5%, leading to up to 34% faster Mexican border clearance time and ensuring accuracy and timeliness in your operations.

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3. Real-Time Carrier Facing LOI Updates

Ensuring Document Validity and Accessibility- 100% of documents are validated for accuracy before being automatically added to the carrier’s LOI (Letter of Instruction). If documents are not valid or expired, the carrier will not be able to access them, thereby reducing  errors and ensuring that only valid documents are used at the time of crossing. This automation provides real-time updates for carriers responsible for your crossing, enhancing reliability and reducing the risk of delays.

4. Automated Mexican Customs Clearance

Real-Time Customs Status and Event Logging- This automation leverages the DODA already in our system to mark the event of clearing Mexican customs by checking with the SAT (Tax Administration Service) for its modulation status. The system identifies, extracts, and verifies information, constantly checking the shipment's customs clearance status. Once cleared, the event is logged in real-time in NuvoOS with precise timestamps from the SAT. This ensures that you always receive the most reliable information right when it happens,eliminating dependency on human input.

Nuvocargo’s border crossing automations are significantly improving border crossings for our customers. By constantly enhancing our internal processes, we are able to provide a more reliable and timely service, offering shippers the most seamless crossing experience in the market.

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