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What is a Customs broker?

Customs brokers are responsible for meeting all requirements when importing and exporting goods from one country to another. These licensed individuals, associations, or corporations act as intermediaries between businesses and government agencies, streamlining the clearance of goods on every shipment.

The Role of a Customs Broker

Customs brokers must know every aspect and stay updated on the ever-changing regulations and procedures in the relevant countries for each shipment. This will ensure importers/exporters comply with every aspect of the customs process.

The primary responsibilities of a customs brokers are:

1) Documentation Prep

Customs brokers must compile, review, complete, and file all the required documentation, such as invoices, bills of lading, certificates of origin, and other documentation relevant to the customs authorities of each country.

2) Classifications, Duties and Taxes

Customs brokers calculate all the applicable customs duties, taxes, and extra fees based on the classification of the imported/exported goods according to the Harmonized System (HS) code. For example, for US-MX shipments, a customs broker must determine if the goods are eligible for specific benefits from the USMCA Agreement.

3) Clearance and Release

This is the end goal; customs brokers work with customs authorities, and other parties involved to ensure the efficient clearance and release of goods by successfully meeting all the requirements from the relevant authorities.

Benefits of Hiring a Customs Broker

Save Time

Working with a customs broker will save you valuable time and effort by outsourcing all customs-related tasks, which require a lot of focus and labor/resources to be done properly. Letting a customs broker handle this will allow your team to focus on activities that drive more impact on your business.

Maximize Savings

Your business can leverage the expertise and knowledge of a customs broker when it comes to classifications, trade agreements, and import/export processes to make sure you are not needlessly overspending. Customs brokers can help your business minimize duties, avoid penalties, and reduce shipping costs by expediting the clearance process.

Ensure Compliance

Customs brokers help your business avoid costly mistakes and stay on top of the ever-changing customs regulations in the countries you are trading in and out of. By outsourcing this work, businesses can ensure that their goods and the customs process operate according to each country’s specific law.

Nuvo Customs: US-MX Customs Solution

Nuvo Customs is the customs brokerage solution focused on the US-MX border. This focus allows us to know the ins and outs of the customs regulations, procedures, and agreements of the United States and Mexico trade lane.

Nuvo Customs empowers businesses with swift and hassle-free customs clearance, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Cross the US-MX border 33% faster doing customs and freight with Nuvocargo
  • Gain full visibility of your goods at the border
  • Get tailored compliance solutions for your business

Nuvo Customs serves both, United States and Mexico, and offers tailored solutions for each country:

US Customs Brokerage Services

  • Commodity Team Account Management
  • General Customs Clearance
  • 9802 and OGA Controls
  • Automated Broker Interface (A.B.I.)
  • Automated Clearinghouse Filing (ACH)
  • U.S. Licensed Brokers
  • Documentation Collection, Verification & Processing
  • Nationwide Remote-Location Filing
  • CAFES In-bond Processing
  • Customs Audit Services

MX Customs Brokerage Services

  • Customs Clearance: Into/From Mexico
  • Licensed Brokers
  • Automated Export System (AES)
  • Consolidated Entries
  • Product Verification

If you are looking for a customs broker with a deep understanding of US-MX trade, we will be happy to hear from you and your business needs. Learn more about Nuvo Customs on this page and complete the form to connect with us.

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