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The Essential Guide to Master US-MX Shipping

If you regularly ship cargo from the U.S. to Mexico and would like exclusive insights on how to improve it, this guide is for you.

We know that shipping cargo regularly between the U.S. and Mexico is not a straightforward task. That's why we have created this guide + an exclusive checklist where we outline the key things you need to consider when shipping cargo across the US-Mexico border.


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Steps to follow

Learn the 4 steps you must follow to successfully ship cargo across the US-Mexico border like a pro.


Explore the most relevant documentation you will need to stay ahead at every step of the shipping journey.

Expert advice

Get access to exclusive tips from our experts to help make your operations more efficient.


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Nuvocargo is the all-in-one digital platform for cross-border shipping between the U.S. and Mexico. We develop technology to simplify and make operations more efficient.

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