What services can Nuvocargo provide for cross-border shipments?

For a through-trailer cross-border shipment, Nuvocargo can provide the following services:

  • Freight- Mexican side
  • Border crossing (Drayage)
  • Customs Brokerage (American and Mexican)
  • Freight- American side
  • Cargo insurance (optional)

Additionally, we can offer warehousing services. These usually happen in Laredo and are optional, depending on each customer's supply chain requirements.

  • Transloading
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers
  • Warehousing/ Storage
  • Picking of merchandise
  • PO's administration
  • Sorting and labeling
Is Nuvocargo CTPAT certified?
Nuvocargo partners with a wide network of carriers with the highest quality and safety standards.
What type of trucking equipment does Nuvocargo provide?
Nuvocargo offers the best capacity solutions for its customers.
What are Nuvocargo's main routes?
Nuvocargo focuses on cross-border shipments between Mexico, USA and Canada crossing only through Laredo.
How many trucks is Nuvocargo's fleet?
Nuvocargo works with a network of over 1,200 certified carriers.
What industries does Nuvocargo focus on?
Nuvocargo is equipped to handle the needs of the majority of industries and has clients across a wide variety of sectors.
What's the difference between an LTL and an FTL?
LTL and FTL are modes of cargo transport, but as their name suggests there's a key difference between the two: quantity of goods shipped.
When to choose through-trailer vs. transloading?
There are pros and cons to both options, however transloading has become the preferred one due to increased capacity and competitive prices.
Your cross-border shipping checklist
Not all shipments are the same, and depending on your specific needs, you might have to choose a particular carrier, truck type, unit, etc.
Who are the main actors involved in a cross-border shipment?
It's important to know each actor involved in a cross-border operation and the role each one plays to ensure its success.

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