What can a Carrier do in our Platform?

Available in English and Spanish, the Carrier Billing Platform provides carriers with a single source of truth to manage their earnings and streamline their operations.

What can I do in the platform?

  • Upload invoices, additionals, and proofs of delivery
  • Consult all the necessary information to prepare the invoice and the Supplement to the Bill of Lading to comply with the right tax regulations in Mexico and the US
  • Access QuickPay (payment in 48 hours) in just one click
  • Check loads with missing proof of delivery
  • Search and manage loads serviced over a period of time
  • Look for invoices pending and paid 
  • Export billing data to share with finance department and perform further analysis

Follow this guide to make the most of the platform by clicking here.

How does QuickPay work with the Carrier Billing Platform?
With our platform, you can have access to your payment in less than 48 hours, in just one click
What is the Carrier Billing Platform?
The platform enable carriers to get paid faster, save time on invoicing and reduce friction from multiple communication points

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