Shippers: What can they see on the Nuvocargo Platform?

The Nuvocargo Platform, available in English and Spanish, is a one-stop-shop that facilitates cross-border trade flows between the US and Mexico, where shippers can:

  1. View their dashboard: The Overview section consolidates all loads in a single view. Shippers can view their shipments based on status (active, pending, or completed). By clicking on any shipment, they’ll see the shipment details page (real time tracking, detailed history of events, and documents related to shipment).
  2. Check out insights: In this section, they can see how shipments are tracking over time, how Nuvocargo is helping their business thrive, and more. Data can be filtered by time and downloaded into a CSV.  
  3. Review and download billing information: This is a dashboard designed for accounting and finance teams for simpler and more transparent statements of accounts. Here, shippers have shared visibility of their loads and charges in one place, and access to all transactions. Most importantly, they can view and download invoices at any moment, and also view payment and bank details without ever leaving the Nuvocargo Platform.
  4. Create a new shipment: Shippers can quickly create a new shipment in just a few clicks by selecting origin, destination, pick up date, commodity, and any additional details.

What are the requirements to use the Nuvocargo platform?
The Nuvocargo platform is simple, intuitive and completely free for all our customers.

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