Carriers: Everything you need to know to upload your invoices for payment

1. Can multiple invoices be uploaded at the same time?

We expect you to upload a single invoice per shipment. However, it is possible to upload several documents at the same time, and in fact, it is something that we require when uploading the invoice. We need you to upload both the .pdf version and the .xml version provided by SAT. Additionally, in the additional charges section you can upload complementary invoices associated with each shipment.

2. Can invoices for different shipments be uploaded at the same time?

No. Each link and the respective form is unique per shipment. This helps us to be more agile by being able to connect each shipment to its corresponding invoice in an efficient way.

3. What happens after my invoice is approved? How will I be notified?

As soon as your invoice is approved, you will receive a confirmation email from our accounting team.

4. What happens if my invoice is rejected?

In case we have to reject your invoice, you will receive a notification email. In this email you will be informed of the rejection and you will be asked to contact your carrier representative as soon as possible to follow-up on the situation. In that case, the invoice will not be processed until the dispute is resolved and the correct invoice is accepted by our accounting team.

5. For what reasons could my invoice be rejected?

We will reject your invoice if there are discrepancies between the information provided by the line and the carrier representative. These are some of the most common mistakes:

  • Carrier name and/or invoice amount does not match
  • The name of the company being invoiced is incorrect. Nuvocargo should be used only for carriers in Mexico and Oncarriage only for carriers in the US.
  • The tax percentage is incorrect
  • Does not include an internal ID (AT) or includes the wrong internal ID (AT)

6. How long after uploading the invoice will I be notified whether it was approved or rejected?

Our team is committed to processing your invoices the best way possible, therefore we will communicate your invoice’s status within 24 hours.

7. Who should I contact with any issues or questions about the process?

If you have additional questions or require assistance at any point during the process, please feel free to contact your carrier representative at your convenience.

8. In which formats can the invoices and PODs be uploaded?

Invoices must be uploaded in both .pdf format, and .xml provided by the SAT. The POD may vary depending on the type of shipment and customer requirements, but we generally accept a signed copy of one or more of the following documents: instruction letter (CI), packing list (PL), invoice or receipt, customs entry / DODA (customs documents). These can be either .pdf, or photos (.jpg or .png).

9. Can the link email be sent to different members of my team?

Yes, we can send the email to multiple users to give visibility to more members of your team.

10. When is the link email sent?

There are three events that can trigger the completion of a service. Depending on each particular case, you may receive the link email once the shipment is marked internally as "Arrived to border," "Crossed border," or "Delivered to destination."

11. When will this new process take effect??

This process will apply to any request made on or after Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

12. Does this process affect in any way my pending invoices or current shipments?

All invoices submitted using the previous system will continue to be processed and paid at the agreed-upon times. The new process will be in effect as of Tuesday, October 5th, therefore all services completed after this date must be uploaded via the corresponding link.

13. Why is the process changing?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes to simplify your life and make your operations more efficient. That's why we built a simple solution to save your accounting team some headaches, and reduce unnecessary errors and delays. With this new system we seek to streamline the processing and coordination of payments, as well as reduce the number of invoice rejections. We are counting on you to make this improvement happen!

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What is fuel surcharge?
Fuel surcharge is a mechanism used to balance fluctuations in fuel costs in the logistics industry.
Can Nuvocargo assist with urgent loads?
Yes! The Nuvocargo sales team is happy to assist you at any time.

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