Our First NuvoDay: Coming Together to Learn, Connect & Celebrate

Our First NuvoDay: Coming Together to Learn, Connect & Celebrate

At Nuvocargo we believe in breaking down borders with our international and bilingual team of logistics and technology experts. As a fast growing startup with teams that have different location strategies, it was important for us to create an intentional moment where the entire team came together under one roof to celebrate our wins from the past year, share learnings and connect on a human level. Oscar Oliva, Product Manager, described NuvoDay as, “A day in which we shape the culture of Nuvocargo and come together to remember we are all part of a community of intelligent, talented and motivated people going after the same goal". 

The idea for a “NuvoDay” was born while reflecting on how we celebrated the end of 2021, the challenges we faced in 2022 and our big plans for 2023. A simple end of the year party would not suffice to close out such a pivotal year in the history of Nuvocargo. 

The NuvoDay dynamic was designed with three goals in mind:


To start the day we organized a “Good Morning Nuvocargo” talk show hosted by our Head of People, Lauren Burdick, with special guests COO of Kavak Federico Ranero and Nuvocargo CEO Deepak Chhugani. Federico and Deepak shared stories from their experiences building operations-heavy startups in LATAM. Federico shared that in his experience at Kavak, Uber and Linio, a healthy level of chaos means that you are trying new things and pushing things forward. He also reminded us that disrupting established industries, the used car market in Kavak’s case and the over the road freight market for Nuvocargo, is going to be extremely challenging by definition; We should embrace the challenges as part of this adventure.


After hearing from inspiring leaders in the LATAM startup space, we took everyone out of the office for a rally around Mexico City. The goal of the rally was to collaborate with “Nuvos” from different teams and have fun outdoors. During the rally each of the 12 teams was tasked with solving riddles to identify their next location. At each location which included Bosque Chapultepec and Monumento de la Revolución, the teams had to complete a team dynamic in order to get their next clue. One of the most challenging dynamics was an audio riddle that required calculating amounts inside a witch’s brew. Team 11 which included Nuvos from Finance, People, Engineering, Sales and Operations took home the gold, having solved all of the riddles and visited all the locations in around 3.5 hours.


Everyone was ready for a well deserved refreshment as the teams arrived back at the office. While catching our breath, Deepak presented the awards to the 6 Nuvos who most embodied our 6 values in our second iteration of the Nuvocargo Culture Awards. He also shared his reflections on our achievements in 2022 and what we will face in 2023. En palabras de Maria Fernanda Ferreira, pricing analyst en Nuvocargo, “estos premios nos incentivan a vivir los valores para tener Shout Out’s a lo largo del año.”

Now that the year was symbolically closed, the dance floor opened. What better way to close out a landmark year and begin what promises to be a year full of macroeconomic challenges and opportunities. Onward!

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