Nuvocargo leadership training program: Self, Team and Community

Nuvocargo leadership training program: Self, Team and Community

At Nuvocargo, we care about our leaders and we believe that what they do matters. We are privileged to be a group of talented people that come together not only from different industries, but from different backgrounds and cultures. This diversity brings so much enrichment to the table when it comes to creating the global and impactful solutions we are to simplify trade.

After a couple of years working on building the right team, we are now directing our efforts towards supporting our managers in their growth journey and providing them with the right knowledge and tools. That’s how the first version of theManager Onboarding program was born: a multi-module program designed to empower our leaders in their day to day. The program was delivered in 3 modules focused on upskilling the self practice of leadership (Self), how to become effective team managers (Team), and using the diversity and talent of the group to turn it into a community (Community). 


The practice of leadership offers multiple ways to collaborate with others, motivate teams and support their growth and that’s why working on the self of the leader is highly important since their behaviors and attitudes would extend through the group. To develop the self practice of managers we discussed the expected behaviors of a leader. At Nuvocargo, leaders are not only coaches but well-prepared players as well; we expect them to join the game when they are needed to operate side by side with their team. We also expect them to understand and comply with our procedures and policies such as the anti-harassment policy and promotions policy amongst others.


Building the right team has been our top priority and that’s why a significant portion of the program was devoted to enabling managers with the right knowledge and tools for them to become great hiring managers and recruit the best of the best. And the job doesn’t stop there, as we continue to grow our team the highest priority is maintaining our people engaged, motivated and on their desired career path. Professional development, setting clear goals, promoting Nuvocargo values, effective decision making, difficult conversations and Nuvoculture were some of the topics we covered for this purpose.


When you’re working in a startup like Nuvocargo that is a fast-paced environment, collaboration is key. Creating this safe space for managers to talk about their challenges, and share their struggles was fruitful and meaningful for the group as it opened the door for further collaboration and the chance to learn from each other. It was during the first session that the willingness to hear from other leaders’ experiences and advice was one of the most important things for the group. At the end of the training, this group of leaders became a community.

At the end of the 3 week program, participants reported not only learning on these three levels but also to have fun during the interactive sessions. The activities interwoven into the sessions included challenges, quizzes and riddles, and managers were eligible to win prizes. The program was an opportunity to connect with the managers, understand the challenges they are facing day to day, and provide them with the right set of tools to address them. We will continue to evolve the Manager Onboarding program and its impact will grow as the managers touch more people through the application of their learnings.

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