Mexico is one of the four countries with the highest risk of cargo theft worldwide. In the 400 thousand kilometers of roads in the country, there are certain routes and states in which we need to be more cautious to avoid truck theft. Therefore, it is very useful for carriers to be constantly aware of the risks according to zones, schedules, type of product, type of unit, and modality or method of theft so they can prevent or reduce the number of units stolen monthly.

Next, you will see the main insights about truck theft in Mexico in September:

  • The State of Mexico (Estado de Mexico) continues to be the area where the most thefts are reported. Specifically, the Mexico-Texcoco and Mexico-Queretaro highways.
  • Groceries are the most stolen product.
  • The time when you should be most careful is between 2 and 8 in the morning.
  • The most common type of theft is while in transit, and generally the most stolen type of unit is the box truck.

Here are 6 tips for truck drivers that we suggest you follow to handle these incidents as best as possible regardless of the time of year:

  1. Check the unit before leaving the point of origin in terms of tire wear, fuel level, oil, antifreeze, among others, to avoid unnecessary stops.
  2. Do not stop in the first 300 kilometers (186 miles) of travel and drive with the windows closed.
  3. Circulate in a group or convoy if possible (two or more units together).
  4. Stop at rest stops that have surveillance, security cameras, dining room, restrooms, lighted areas, perimeter fence. For example, the Parador San Pedro de Palmillas.
  5. Make use of the panic button, 3 ptt button, or threat code in communication with the carrier, depending on the security measures they set in the tracts.
  6. In the event of theft, get out of the vehicle as calmly as possible to reduce chances of violence.

Although thefts will always be present, it is important to have an action plan to recover all or most of the merchandise, if possible. Since most carriers are largely unaware of the operational issues at the time of a claim, Nuvocargo is acting by implementing a monitoring center in the coming months and developing an action plan for both customers and carriers.

Let's keep moving safely together!