COVID-19 effect on USA/Mexico cross-border transport – report from the front lines – demand down by 50 percent

Business conditions at the border are changing daily, due to COVID-19. Here are our latest observations, based on discussions with Nuvocargo frontline workers at the border and our transportation partners in Mexico:

  • Before COVID-19, a border crossing from Mexico to the U.S. in Santa Teresa, N.M. normally took about 15 mins. Now, it can take 1-4 hours. Shippers are having to plan accordingly.
  • Conversely, border crossings from Mexico to the U.S. at Laredo, TX – normally one of the busier crossing points – are much faster now because traffic is down from about 12,000 vehicles per day to only 4,000. As a result, what used to take 2-3 hours now takes 1.5-2 hours tops.
  • One of Nuvocargo’s customers manufactures hand sanitizer – border crossing inspections used to take about 3 hours and right now are taking 6 hours on average. In addition, FDA releases are sometimes taking days, when they used to take no more than 24 hours - because border inspections for medical supplies are much more thorough than they used to be.
  • Nuvocargo’s closest trucker business partners in Mexico report that they have had to furlough or terminate close to half of their drivers, and have cut salaries for administrative staff by 50 percent.
  • Carriers that handle special equipment (flatbeds, lowboys, etc...) have seen shipment demand plunge by 50 percent. They are running the same number of vehicles at 50 percent capacity.
  • Most shippers and buyers are attempting to eliminate paper from their processes, sending all communication via email and text instead.

If you need to ship or receive goods from Mexico, Nuvocargo can help! Border-crossing expertise is more important now than ever. Reach out to us at operations@nuvocargo.com.