Nuvocargo & Grupo Gondi: 
a partnership to solve
capacity constraints

Case Overview

With capacity constraints slowing down supply chains everywhere, Grupo Gondi, a leading Mexican company in the production of paper and conversion of cardboard packaging, found a way of covering their capacity needs with Nuvocargo as their shipping partner. Keep reading to find out more about this!


Number of loads in three months

69,252 miles

Distance traveled so far

The Challenge

Company background

Since 1954, Grupo Gondi has been a leading Mexican company in the production of paper and conversion of cardboard packaging that results in a product that is reliable, sustainable, and innovative. Their clients have their hands on the most globally renowned brands from a wide range of industries, some of which have presence in over 190 countries. Grupo Gondi has 15 factories and a workforce of 8,000+ collaborators.

Pain points

The industry requires suppliers like Grupo Gondi to guarantee that the products manufactured in Mexico get to the hands of the consumers without delay and in perfect conditions. For that reason, securing the capacity and equipment required for their shipments has been the biggest challenge and most acute pain point for the company.

Overall, limited capacity in Mexico is the result of various factors such as driver shortage, roads insecurity, and lack of fleet or equipment renovation. In fact, the International Road Transport Union estimates that driver shortage in Mexico incremented by 175% in 2021. In terms of equipment, COVID disruption on the automotive industry’s supply chain has slowed down fleet renovation. For Grupo Gondi, the Laredo-Celaya route has been one of the most complicated ones in terms of covering capacity, and it was that challenge that sparked their interest in Nuvocargo.

The Laredo-Celaya route

The Laredo – Celaya driving route, which entails 597 miles (961 kilometers) is usually intricate. In Celaya, there are higher safety risks, restrictions that entail additional safety measures and less drivers willing to operate in that area. From the border to Mexico, many carriers lose control of their units, leave the unit empty in Laredo, or simply stop following up with the shipper, which generates a lot of uncertainty and lack of trust that the shipment will make it to the destination as planned. However, Nuvocargo’s local expertise helps navigate the industry’s complexities by offering innovative solutions.

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The Solution

How it began

Nuvocargo got in touch with Grupo Gondi and learned about their struggle to secure capacity to import raw materials, while simultaneously getting constant status updates, communication, and excellent service. The solution Nuvocargo offered entailed quick responses to place shipment requests, full visibility of their loads via our platform, notifications via email, excellent communication via telephone and text messages, and great customer service throughout a shipment. In addition to this, we personalized our offer to meet Grupo Gondi’s specific needs, which involved adjusting rates, following a detailed invoicing process, among others. On September 28th, 2021, Nuvocargo and Grupo Gondi moved their first load together.

“Working with Gondi has been a wonderful experience. They maintain a lot of order and control in their tasks, they show openness and comprehension in terms of the vicissitudes of the operation. They always have a great attitude and the best disposition to support their partners and team.”
- Sandra Hernandez, Customer Success Manager at Nuvocargo.

How it’s going

In three months, Nuvocargo has successfully surpassed 115 loads with Grupo Gondi from Laredo to Guanajuato. We kept true to our offer of quickly responding to shipment requests with capacity and excellent service. Grupo Gondi has been pleased with Nuvocargo’s competitive rates, response times, and great communication. They’ve found that, unlike other logistic partners, Nuvocargo has the capacity they require to keep their business moving and growing. This has resulted in efficiency and time saving for Grupo Gondi since they now spend less time seeking capacity, reaching out for status updates, or even researching new suppliers because we’ve exceeded their expectations and needs.

“Gondi looks for competitive rates, fast response times, and good service and communication in all its logistics partners. Nuvocargo has always provided the equipment and capacity to meet our needs, and their speed and commitment has exceeded our expectations. Their efficiency has saved a lot of time in our operation.”

Erika Martinez
Trade and Procurement Associate

The Result


Since the beginning, Nuvo has quickly and effectively responded to Grupo Gondi’s shipment requests with capacity, excellent customized service, competitive rates, and great communication.

What’s next for Grupo Gondi and Nuvocargo

Grupo Gondi is expanding to new routes they’d like to move with Nuvo in the upcoming months, which will increment the number of loads and open up the door to other business units. Together, we expect our logistics to continue growing for years to come.

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