Choosing technology platforms wisely is fundamental to every startup. At Nuvocargo we take this matter very seriously and we chose the languages that offered the speed and dynamism that our solutions required.

Even though Nuvocargo’s tech stack uses multiple languages, the two main languages are Ruby and JavaScript.

Below we’ll describe their characteristics and the reasons why we chose them.


Ruby is a very elegant language, it focuses specifically on the development of robust web applications. The reason why it’s so popular is because it’s an object oriented modern language, scalable and dynamic; its syntax is very simple and multiplatform.

As an easy and fun language, Ruby focuses on the user’s needs and not on the systems. Therefore, it’s ideal for the creative environment that we foster at Nuvocargo.

We implement Ruby using Rails (it’s framework for web development) which favors the speedy development of applications. By using it in our app, we are able to  develop a stronger and more readable code with a minimum amount of effort. Additionally, with Rails our code can be reusable, which allows us to save time and money.

At Nuvocargo we know that the evolution of Ruby’s use and implementation is constant and accelerated, which is why we attended events like Railsconf and we collaborated with the RubyMX community so we can share the innovations and disruptions between the large community of developers that use this language.

In summary, we are betting on this technology due to it’s flexibility and speed that allows us to develop and iterate.

Main advantages:

  • Since it’s a free framework, Ruby is a more cost-effective solution.
  • It’s based on the MVC architecture, which allows for the focus to be more oriented in showing results to its users in a more effective way.
  • It’s easier to modify existing code and add new features.


JavaScript is one of the most used languages to create dynamic web applications. This language is object oriented, and it’s ideal for startups because it’s an alternative for dynamic open code and is also easy to codify.

When using JavaScript at Nuvocargo, our engineers are able to add complex and interactive functionalities in our solution such as actions that are executed when an event is triggered from the user’s experience or the system.

Main advantages:

  • Its syntax is very easy to learn.
  • It can be used in any web solution.

At Nuvocargo, our software engineers are a key and strategic element in the company’s present and future.

If you’re a programming professional and are looking for a creative and innovative work environment, at Nuvocargo we’re looking for professionals who are prepared to program with these two languages

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