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From its beginning in 2019, Nuvocargo set the goal to revolutionize trade between the United States and Mexico. This task wouldn’t be possible without an exceptional team committed to the company and its mission. The undertaking to maintain an inclusive and challenging culture while connecting the logistics and technology worlds with a continuous innovation approach wasn’t easy. It was essential to create an ideal work environment in order to achieve the goal. 

Adapting a physical space for the needs of the collaborators wasn’t enough (especially during the pandemic), that’s why a philosophy of what it meant to be part of this great project was created in 2020, and it’s when Nuvocargo’s values came into play:

-Speed & excellence

-Build trust

-Think big

-Be relentlessly resourceful

-Say it

-Embrace the adventure

Having that philosophy defined, the next step was to communicate the message to all of Nuvocargo’s collaborators. When a new person joins the team, he or she goes through a robust common onboarding program that was revamped in 2022 to include fun dynamics and games to get to know the company’s values.

To keep reinforcing the importance of the values, different activities have been implemented, and they are part of the day to day life of the team. For example, every month the CEO spends an hour with all new team members to talk about the values. He also includes a “Shout Outs” session in the monthly company all hands, where “Nuvos” get recognized for living the values in their different projects. Every 6 months the company runs the “Cultural Awards” for the “Nuvos” who got the most amount of “Shout Outs” for each value in the period.

We keep getting positive comments on the different integration activities like the easter egg hunt, virtual training sessions, taco tuesdays, donuts at the office, etc., that reinforce camaraderie and trust within the team.

After implementing these robust programs, we went back to all team members to ask for their feedback. The Great Place to Work survey and audit of our cultural programs was an important tool to understand if we are reaching our goal of building the right environment where all “Nuvos” can succeed. All of our efforts are paying off because  Nuvocargo has been recognized as a Great Place to Work in Mexico, certifying it as one of the best places to work in the country.

Something that has always defined Nuvocargo is establishing that fulfilling the goal isn’t enough, expectations need to be exceeded and this is shown with an overall score of 95% in the General Trust Rate. Also getting an outstanding score in these categories: Work environment, Flexibility, Innovation, Day to day values, Diversity and Team quality. 

It’s important to highlight that these rates are from polls made to the collaborators, and their testimonies are the biggest proof that Nuvocargo is one of the best places to work in Mexico.

Here are a few quotes from the survey:

“In my opinion, one of the things that makes this company special is the work environment that has been built, for example with the monthly shout outs, you can know that your team is noticing your results”.

“It’s a multicultural company where there’s people from all over the world and socio-economic levels, but everyone is extremely kind and respectful. Plus, this is a new company with amazing growth”.

“I think it’s a company that I feel identified with, from its beginnings and values to the vision and the growth opportunities.”

Even though we received the Great Place to Work certification this year, the work doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning. Nuvocargo’s culture keeps evolving and there’s still a lot to learn, especially for a company seeking continuous growth, where new “Nuvos” are joining every month. Without a doubt, a lot more recognition and joyful moments are ahead.

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